[Keyakizaka46] Futari Saison Music Video [007]

Keyakizaka46’s 3rd Single.

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Translation: kanjo@stage48

Everything else: BlackSwan


This is my first MV with kara effects. If you want, you can read more about it here.




A Music Video Story


I like idols.

I am not a typesetter neither a karaoke-specialist.

But I love idols.

So, as soon the music and lyrics were available, I made the base version.

About 1 week later the MV came out.

At first, I decided to simply adjust the script to the MV. But it was so lifeless.

And so, I decided to go for the hard route.

I tried for the first time to do a karaoke timing.

After ~20 hours I finally completed the MV.

Good job to me!

I really hope you can enjoy it too.


Keyakizaka46 3rd Single – Futari Saison (ENG Lyrics)


(click the image to get the link)

Actually posted it 2 days ago. Will share here too.



Translation: kanjo

Other: BlackSwan


The Time of Keyakizaka46 (Documentary) [C-19]


Original Indo sub : Senzarin
Original timing : Ahmad Maulana
Original blog : suikadream.blogspot.com
Checking & Correction : EinhanderX
Typesetting : nullion & BlackSwan
English translation : nullion
Encoding : Blackswan
Lyric & Translation : studio48