Keyakitte, Kakenai #25 [C-13]


(Click the image to get the video link)

Original Translation: Yutakamanami46

English Translation: Nullion

Encode, Distro: BlackSwan


4 thoughts on “Keyakitte, Kakenai #25 [C-13]

    • As far as I know, the original subber subbed this from Japanese to Indonesian, then that nullion guy translated it again from Indonesian to English and shared it to non Indonesian speakers at stage48 forum. So if the Indonesian source sucks, then the English version will be sucks, if not worse.


      • adding to gnomes reply, i think its not easy to find someone with good japanese skill and free time 😦 for someone who dont know japanese like me, i rather get this than waiting for almost half year 😡


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